Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Retrofit Caledonian Road - Green Sky Thinking

The workshop for Open City's Sustainability Workshop began with assessing Walkability, Liveability and Sustainability in lower Caledonian Road, King's Cross. An initial brief walking audit took in the livelier one-way-traffic section which is part of an overloaded heavy transport gyratory (A5203) feeding a ring road. Workshop participants broadly appraised some of the commercial and residential uses (interviewing a shopkeeper at Vx) before investigating the street impact of the Vaultex fort at All Saint's Street and a new garden classroom at Thornhill Bridge on Regents' Canal.

Detailed demographic analysis can be based on detailed building information and drawn from mapping tools like  London Profiler to help build a detailed 'pathology' of this 'high street'. The junction of  Killick Street was identified as a key breaking point in the street form and activity, and one participant showed with case studies in Tottenham and Ashford that there were transferable principles for sustainably retroffitting the urban landscape here, to make liveable walkable places.

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